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Mr. C
        Grades 7 - 9

About Me

I'm Ward Cottreau, but I go by Mr. C.  I am this year's grades 7-9 teacher at AACA.  I taught here from 1993-1996 and from 2001-2011, and I'm glad to be back in Port Hardy, BC.  I also taught grades 7-8 at College Heights Christian School in Alberta for one year, and grades 7-12 at Sandy Lake Academy in Nova Scotia for seven years.

I am from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and graduated from Burman University (CUC) in 1993.  My wife and I have two sons who are now in their early 20s and living on their own in Halifax, NS.  They have fond memories of growing up in Port Hardy and making friends at Avalon.  Recently, I decided to go back to college to study welding (CWB Certified) and have been a welder for the past couple of years.  You can probably guess that one of my favorite subjects in school is teaching shop class, along with Bible and Science.

My Favorite Things

Woodworking and Welding Projects



Watching Instructional Youtube Videos

My Favorite Scripture

For I am the LORD, I change not.

Malachi 3:6a

Classroom Rules

1. Respect others.

2. Always tell the truth.

3. Be responsible.

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