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Mr. Savenye's Room

     Grades 1 & 2

About Me

My name is Andrew Savenye and I am currently in my 22nd year of teaching elementary children.  My teaching experience has been in between Kindergarten through Grade 6. 

This summer my wife Olivia and I will be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary.  We have been blessed with two wonderful gifts from God.  Our daughter Joleena Izabelle is 15 years old and our boy Jonah Roy who is 12 years old. 

 I am a very enthusiastic young man with a great love for children.  I decided to work with children in a teaching role after my first year working at Camp Chawuthen.  After working with such a dynamic program, I knew that Elementary Education was for me.  The energy and enthusiasm that children show at this age is incredible.  I am looking forward to serving you as students and parents, as well as the community of Port Hardy.

My Favorite Things





Walking & hiking


Community projects



Listening to music

Spending time with God

Catching up on sleep


My goal is to make my classroom a safe and enjoyable place for children to attend, and to give my student’s skills that will help them in their own life decisions.   I want to enable them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I want to expand their mind and creativity so that they not only learn the skills they need to know for their grade level, but that they will have fun while learning.  I hope that they will end the year with a greater love for God, school and themselves.

Classroom Rules

1. We will respect God, others and ourselves!

2. We will treat others as we like to be treated!

3. We will not keep others from learning!

4. We will not keep our teachers from teaching!

5. We will think a lot about what would Jesus do?


I believe that communication is essential between parents and teachers.  I am here to answer any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas that you may have.  We are a team striving to make the lives of our children enriched.  You can see me any day immediately after school. If you need more than just a couple of minutes, please make an appointment with me.   If you have something important to share and can’t reach me during school hours my phone number is 250-949-0310 (until 9:00 p.m.)

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If you are ordering Scholastic Books, please use the Class Code for Grades 1 & 2 as we get credit for each classroom.  The class code is below.

Class Code: RC810743

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